Friday, August 13, 2010

Whats up?!?!

I know you all are probably wondering what I have been up to lately. Well, lately I've been making school accessories and getting my daughter ready for school.

School started on August 9th so I had to put together some accessories for the local kids. I had made some cute pony o's, locker magnets, bottlecap necklaces, and bottlecap bracelets. The pony o's was a big hit!

Today was my daughter first day at the BIG school. Its her first day of kindergarten and its going to be her first day riding the Big bus. I'm scared for her and how she will react. So I'm lonely and missing her because she is usually around me 24/7. Well I can't wait until September gets here so I can return to work and spoil someone else child.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

LashBlast Fusion

I just had to brag about this great mascara! I'm a Bzzagent and I was given the chance to try the CoverGirl LashBlast Fusion Mascara. I'm so glad I took that chance! If you never heard of CoverGirl LashBlast Fusion Mascara, its Covergirl's new mascara that give a blast of volume and incredible length for dramatic lashes with full length volume. Its hypo-allergenic, suitable for contact lens wearers, smudgeproof, flakeproof, and rubproof.

If you have every seen me without any make up you would know that my eyelashes are invisible, short and can not be seen. Well, after using the LashBlast Fusion that all changed. I had eyelashes, they were now visible and full and looked great. I was really amazed that it had worked.

Before using CoverGirl LashBlast Fusion mascara I was using any cheap mascara I could find, and it did nothing to my lashes. So now LashBlast Fusion has replaced my old mascara, I'm never going back to my old mascara.

If you would like to try it, I have 2 coupons left for $2 OFF that I would be glad to mail to you. Its available at drugstores, grocery stores, mass retailers and online. I've seen them at my local Walmart. It comes in shade of very black, black, blackbrown, and brown. Just look for the BOLD PURPLE TUBE.

CoverGirl LashBlast Fusion mascara gets my stamp of approval!